Countenance – 2013

Carved from the most ethereal of icy Alabasters this ‘Buddha Face’ is inlaid with gemstone Chrysophrase and Amethyst eyes. Inscribed...

The Monkey Face - A funky and playful face in white Arizona Alabaster with orange Utah Alabaster and druzy chrosocolla eyes - 2012 - 14"h x 12"w x 6"d.

The Monkey Face – 2012

River Rocks – 2010

Mandala Vessel – 2009

Orange Heart Box - Utah Alabaster - A Sacred Vessel by Susan Zalkind - 2008 - 4"h x 6"w x 10"d.

Orange Heart Box – 2008

Carved on the inside and out from the purest of Orange Alabasters both these pieces are lined with High Desert...

Mandala Bowl - 2010 - White San Pedro Alabaster, Black Anza-Borrego Alabaster, Mogollon Rim Juniper, Tourmalinated Quartz Inlay - 5"h x 7"w x 5"d

Mandala Bowl with Tourmalinated Quartz – 2008

Golden Pink Sunset Rose - 2007 - Anza Borrego Alabaster, Utah Alabaster - 20"h x 13"w x 12"d

Golden Pink Sunset Rose – 2007

The Golden Pink Sunset Rose is carved from the rarest of delicately translucent and colored Alabasters of the softest pinks...

Man in the Moon - Alabaster Vessel by Susan Zalkind - 2006 - White Arizona Alabaster, Mother of Pearl Shell, Lapis - 5"h x 7"w x 5"d.

Man in the Moon – 2006

"The Great Pink Face" - A buddha face sculpture mixing the abstract and surreal in Alabaster stone. By Susan Zalkind. Made from Anza-Borrego Pink Alabaster and Rose Quartz Eyes. 1998. 13"h x 14"w x 7"d

Great Pink Face – 1998

It was a singular and elegant in shape piece of the Pink Alabaster which beckoned to be given face on...

"Come Out and Play" - Whimsical Sculptural Vessel by Susan Zalkind - California Red Alabaster, Utah Orange Alabaster, Blue Agate, Agate Stalactite Eyes - 1994 - 10"h x 11"w x 7"d

Come Out and Play – 1994

  You can tell it’s one of those pieces I just played with and it was fabulous.  Created from the...

Alabaster Face - Sacred Vessel with Brazilian Agate Eyes and Mogollon Juniper - by Susan Zalkind. 1990 - 12"h x 14"w x 8"d

Facing Future – 1990

It was gutsy but I did it!  This powerful and elegant piece is carved from White Alabaster, laminated with Juniper...